Monday, September 21, 2009

Read Along: Week twelve - The Wonderful Machine

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Farming equipment sure has come a long way since Pa’s day! (That’s my dad and my son “Deere” hunting at the local dealership…they were looking for lawn tractors!)

Activities for this week:
  •  Take a fall walk down a country lane or a local farmers market to collect fall things. If you choose to hike, pick up leaves and nuts and enjoy the fall colors. Go to a pick your own orchard or pumpkin patch!
If you choose the farmers market, pick up seasonal fruit and vegetables, some to eat and some for decorating with.
Which ever you choose, don’t forget to take a deep breath and enjoy the earthy smells of autumn :o)

  • : Make a hat! (I’m seeing potential Christmas presents stock up here!) Any kind will do… knit, crochet, sew or figure out how to braid like ma. Make a toque, a cloche, a beret or one worthy of the Derby.
If you would rather, pre-purchase a hat and decorate it with ribbons and flowers for fall to use as a wreath on your door.
Or, make a hat or bonnet for your doll (remember the ones we made a long time ago!)

  • 3: It’s getting closer to pumpkin season, lets share some recipes for pumpkin or squash. Desserts, side dishes, soup and preserves.

by HatsFineandFancy

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