Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Read Along: Week Ten- Summer Time

  1. Mrs. Peterson gives Laura and Mary little cookies to snack on for their walk home. Make a batch of shortbread cookies to eat with tea, or perhaps some sugar cookies, complete with pink icing (or whatever color suits your fancy).
  2. Research and discuss the many different ways that folks heat their homes. Laura and Mary had to gather wood chips for the fireplace. How do any of you heat your homes in the winter? We simply have an old gas furnace, but we also have a fireplace. One of my SILs had a pellet stove when she lived at her last residence before purchasing her current one. If you are reading this with your children, discuss the pros and cons of different types of heating (fireplace, woodburning stoves, pellet stoves, solar heating/cooling, gas heat, steam, baseboard electrical heating, gravity heat, etc.).
  3. Discussion questions for the group: What color hair do you have? Is it your natural color? What color were you born with? If your color didn’t change naturally (and you’re willing to confess ;) ), why did you change it? Are you one of those whose hair did change naturally?
  4. Make some homemade cheeses. Here are some links below for some various kinds: Ricotta cheese easy Mozzerella cheese very involved Yogurt cheese extremely easy! this is like cream cheese, and can be mixed with anything to help lower fat content in foods by “thinning” them out with it :D Mascarpone Cheese so easy and inexpensive to make, I can’t believe it’s that expensive to purchase in a store! It does take a couple days, and it doesn’t stay fresh longer than a week, but I hear it’s worth it.

    By Tracey4610

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