Monday, September 28, 2009

Read Along: Week Thirteen - The Deer in the Woods

I love autumn. It is my favorite season because of all the colors and smells it holds. But it does remind us that winter is coming, and there is always a lot to do to get ready when you live in a snow climate.

So here are this weeks activities:

  • 1: Not all of us live where we can see Deer and other large, beautiful wild animals. But no matter where we live there is one species that can be found almost anywhere, Birds!
Hang a bird feeder - build or buy a wooden one and some seed and hang it from a tree that you can see from a window. You could also collect pine cones and “butter” them with lard (from the baking isle in the grocery store) and then roll the cone in bird seed. Tie a string around the cone and hang from a branch. Now Watch! Get to know your winged neighbors. Be on the look out for birds. If you don’t recognize them, look them up on a provincial or state autobahn society web site or books from the library. Take pictures or draw them in a journal and add a description and any information you learn about them.

For sewers, beginner or advanced, lets make a nine patch wall hanging or pillow to start with. Here is a wall hanging or doll quilt tutorial and a pillow tutorial (great for first timers). But feel free to search for your own pattern as well. Try sewing some of it, if not all of it by hand. But if you get flustered I won’t mind anyone using the machine. Inspiration is always welcome. So feel free to show off quilts you have made or handmade ones you have in your own home. Send us a pictures please!

  • .What do you think about Laura’s life? Did it bring back memories of your own child hood? What was your favorite part of this book?

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