Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Read Along: Week Eleven - Harvest

Poor Charlie! I wonder if he learned his lesson after that? One bee sting can hurt, but a whole nest of them stinging could have been fatal. There were no Dr.s near by every Ma and Pa had to rely on their wealth of knowledge about the land to survive. Knowing which plants took away pain, or fever was important.

  • Discuss First Aid as a family. Learn your local emergency numbers. Put together a first aid kit, one for the car, kitchen and one for the bathroom. Don’t forget burn ointment and a pain relief ointment, bandages and cleaning pads/swabs, tweezers and a bottle of alcohol or peroxide.

  •  Make a hot/cold pack for pain relief. Make a bag from quilting quality cotton fabric and fill it with rice or barley, corn feed or wheat and sew it closed. Make them in different shapes, long for under your neck, small for little boo boo’s, square for joints or wide for back aches. Add petals such as rose, rosemary or lavender for some aroma therapy. Keep in the freezer (cold effect will last about 30 min when in use) or mic in the microwave about 5 min for hot treatments.

  • What home remedies do you use, for colds, coughs, fever, stings, slivers etc. Lets talk about them below (and so no one else has to add this warning…) use at your own risk. Most remedies are not “medically approved” so check with your doctor immediately if you use them and have adverse reactions.
BUT, that does not mean that they don’t work so I would love to hear what remedies you use!

By HatsFineandFancy

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  1. We use grated potato on kitchen burns, the heat rises into the potato instead of your skin.

    We use copper pennies on bee stings for a quick relief. (Old pennies, because the new ones have less copper)

    And we cool down high flu/cold temperatures with a cold pack on the back of our necks. (apparently that's where the body's "thermostat" is located) It works for comfort on hot sticky nights as well!


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