Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Read Along: Week Eight - Dance at Grandpas

Our countries were settled by a large variety of European settlers, and each one brought their home land traditions with them, including their music. When people first came to America they would settle in colonies of people from their home country, preserving a very specific heritage. But the West was opened by people from all around the world looking for land, open space. Settlements could be made up of a number of nationalities, and in winter entertaining , traditions would be passed on to their neighbors. For example, if you had a French neighbor with an accordion, they might take a liking to your Irish song and learn to play along! And then your Scandinavian neighbor would dance along in a jig step from his motherland. In present time we can take lessons for dance or music that is specific to a nationality or a time period, but in Laura’s day they came with what they had. And with that came some very new and unique styles of music and dance. (Which can drive traditionalist dancers crazy! ;o)
European inspired dance music is mostly made up of 6 main rhythms , the jig, hornpipe, strathspey, clog, reel, and waltz. If you are doing a search for traditional music, those are keywords to Google. Being that each song of the listed styles were written in the same rhythms, almost any dance you already knew in that style could be adapted to the songs.
So how about a Kitchen Party!! You can dance as a couple, as a group or solo (like Laura’s Grandma)

Here are some links to give you an idea:
From members of our own LHOTP:
And two non member link:
Or just have a night of music and fun with your own family, using modern music and your CD player! Have a talent show with the musically talented people of your family, or do an air band! Here is a link to my own blog, as this is a special treat we do occasionally as a family.

If you want to make a really fun night of it, take all the recipes previously posted and have a party. Make your johnny cake , breads, baked beans (I know, we haven’t posted these, but it’s what Caroline always took to parties and gatherings), pies, etc. Make some lemonade, sun tea, or drink milk or water to go with it all. If you’re in a summery season, take your music outside to your deck or patio (if available or are permitted–I know that in some apartment complexes it’s not permissible), as well as your food, and have a small party with it. Have a great time! Oh, and by the way, smother all your food in maple syrup–I’ve heard it’s pretty good.

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