Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Read Along: Week Nine- Going to Town

Without further ado, here we go!
  1. Have a picnic outside with your family in a natural setting, like a park, your backyard, a field, etc. Keep the foods whole and simple, if you can.
  2. Discuss with your family (or, if you don’t have kids, etc., but perhaps keep a journal, write your thoughts) about how town/city life is different from living in the country, or how different small town life might be from city life, etc. What are the differences of each in Laura’s time compared with today? Do we have general stores? What could be our equivalent? For Laura’s family, it was a big event: the horses were curried, the girls were bathed and wore their hair ribbons and Sunday dresses in the middle of the week. For a modern day trip, how does your family prepare? If you can, please share your thoughts with us …
  3. With your children, set up a “general store” setting with items from around your house. Remember, bartering was the currency of the time, so prompting your children to think about their gifts and talents (i.e., writing a story, drawing pictures, produce from the garden, sewing, “trapping” for furs–stuffed animals would work, or faux fur scraps–yarn, etc) to trade for the goods in the store. Who will be the store keeper? Perhaps at first, Mom or Dad should, then one of the children will “inherit” the store.
  4. Try making a spring meal, where there is little meat other than perhaps eggs. Pa couldn’t hunt much in the spring, because that’s when the babies are still growing, and the mothers are taking care of them. What would your meals consist of? You have dairy, poultry, and produce at your disposal.

    By Tracey4610

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