Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Visit to the Past

  In the little town of Whitehall, AR a log cabin village has been created.  Most of these cabins have  been carefully taken apart and re-assembled here, safe from the dangers of development.  For two weekends every year this village wakes from its century-long sleep to host the activities of reenactors and give visitors a taste of history.

   Come, walk with me; the day is cool but bright.  On a beautiful fall day like this, there's no telling how much fun we could have.  The mule has already been up and working since day-break, turning the sorghum press.  I hear the folks boiling down the sap to make molasses are giving out samples.  On the way, we'll likely see the broom-maker and his wife at work in their shop and the printer setting up and inking all those little metal letters to print out this week's news.  

   Winter is a coming, besides the chill in the air, the thick winter quilts airing out on the laundry line are a sure sign that cold weather is ahead.  Is all this talk of winter making you feel cold?  Well, we'll just stop in to visit in this cabin.  I see smoke billowing out the chimney; a warm fire would be most welcome.  The housewife is busy about the cabin and is glad we stopped by; she says she'd appreciate it if we could watch her little one while she finishes up supper.  The men-folk of the area are all out getting the last of the hay bailed up, soon they'll be done and come looking for that big pot of black-eyed peas and sausage.  Hmm.... I can smell the cornbread; it's almost ready!

   It's such a peaceful life here; it's so sad to think of the changes that are coming.  On the other side of town the army has set up a recruitment office and all the young men, full of promise and potential are lined up to sign their names.  The loud boom of the canon is no less unsettling, every hour reminding us of those who will soon be marching off.  Heaven preserve us and bring them home safe!  With all the young men, brothers and fathers, headed off to war, the school-house has been closed; all the younger children who would have filled it with the sounds of laughter and sing-song chants of times tables are needed at home to help their Ma's run the farm.  

   I'm glad the little chapel is still open!  In times like these, such a place of solace is all the more dear.  Would you like to go there; there are some folks gathering up there to sing the praises of the Lord.  I hear the bell ringing now; they must be getting ready to start.  After all that singing, perhaps we could walk on down to the general store .  We can get some sasperilla, my treat, and sit around listening to the musicians gathered on the porch while we watch the sun going down over this fair little town.

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