Saturday, October 31, 2009

Read Along: Week 19- Moving In

  • This chapter reminds me of a poem by Eugine Field, Wynkin Blynkin and Nod. I wonder if He saw the same sky Laura did with the big moon. Covered wagons were often called Prairie Schooners because of the large canvas tops, like the one that nearly blew Pa away as he was attempting to strap it down as a roof for the house. (I imagine Laura would have thought that sailing away with a canvas to the sky would be a grand adventure!)
Here is Buffy Sainte-Marie singing the poem for us…..

What other poems remind you of nature or traveling?

  •  Laura often talks about helping her sisters dress and undress their buttons. Read this blog entry about button strings that girls use to collect, very interesting reading.
Lets make a button craft using buttons from your button box (if you don’t have a button box, plan your project and buy the ones you need)
Here are some links:
Here are some button fairies strings. Here are some instructions, but it’s all up to your imagination!
A choker, where you could add a button to the center flower.
A wire and button brooch
A fabric based pin
A felt heart brooch covered in buttons
Here is a crochet coffee cup cozy
and a Knitted button band
You could also string them for bracelets or necklaces as well

  •  Enjoy sifting through your button jar if you have one. Enjoy the different shapes and sizes and textures. Pick one or two out for the younger members of the family and make a dancing button yoyo to play with
 By HatsFineandFancy

We had other button craft ideas come in after this posted on Rav.  All great ideas, so I will share them with you as well .....

bethanyg -Thought I’d add a couple that we do/will do.

Bookmarks on strings with beads or buttons–length of string cut longer than the length of a book. Knot a little way down, string with beads or buttons, tie top knot. Can do the same to the bottom length of the string. The empty part of the string lays in the book while the beads or buttons hang from the top/bottom.

Felted cuffs from sweater, embellished with buttons.

Felted sweaters, cut into flower shapes and embellished with buttons.

HatsFineandFancy -I found another neat button idea, another  book mark :o)

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