Thursday, October 1, 2009

Read Along: Week Fourteen - Going West

Onto our next book! Here are this weeks activities.....

  • In a journal or as a family, plan an imaginary trip/move.  If you could choose to move some where else where would it be? Use a map and plan a route.  Discuss what things you would take with you if you could only take with you what fit in your family vehicle.  Would you choose items to put in the car differently if you were making a permanent move rather than for a vacation?
  • Make a covered wagon  There is an inexpensive kit if you're not craft savvy or a few free designs on the web such as this shoe box one, or a milk carton, and another from Popsicle sticks. This would look great sitting beside your log cabin! 


If you're not up to making a wagon, how about knitting a few pairs of red mittens for the family? If you don't live in a cold climate, you could still use them at Christmas time.  Use them as a place setting.  Make a few medium sized childrens mitten. Roll a napkin and a trinket or dessert mint together and place into the mitten.  Decorate the cuffs with ribbons and a name tag.
    • Can you imagine how rough their ride must have been? Rides can sometimes still be hard on children in our lives.  They get bored and tired of sitting just like Laura did. Mary and Laura only had their one doll to keep them company on their travels. Lets make a travel bag for the car.  I love crayon totes,  and how about coupons for planned stops! There are travel pillows and mini stuffies (or knitted/crochet).  A travel bag is also a great idea for Christmas gifts for your children or nieces and nephews.  Or if you do Samaritans Purse shoe boxes (or other charity gift boxes).  

    What kind of things would you pack in a bag for children on a long trip? We would love your comments!

    Travel Stuffies: Beanbag dolls by HatsFineandFancy

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