Monday, October 19, 2009

Read Along: Week Seventeen - Prairie Days

Here are this weeks activities….

1: Go birding! Laura talks a lot about the birds she saw on the prairie. Using online or books from the library look up some of the birds she mentions, as well as some from your own area. Watch the bird feeder you made or sit still outside in your yard or at a park and see what birds (and other wildlife) live around you. Write a description of them, even if you don’t know their names and then research to name them.
Here are three links to help you get started on your bird identification and sounds

Audubon Society
Birds by Description
Birds Audio

2: Make a bird mobile. Whether you hang a few from your window or gather sticks or dowel to hang them from a child’s bedroom ceiling. You might even make a few to hang on a Christmas tree! Here are some versions to choose from……

Felt ornaments

3: Life and chores went on no matter where they were. Can you imagine how awkward laundry would have been for ma? How do you think you would do washing sheets outside in a tub? What other daily chores do you do that would be made more difficult done outdoors without modern conveniences? Feel free to leave a comment!

by HatsFineandFancy

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