Monday, November 30, 2009

And to You a Cozy Winter!

'Tis the season for preparing for the long cold winter ahead. For making the home cozy and warm, for reflection and planning for the coming year. I think of the "winterizing" done during the pioneer times (stacking straw against the house for warmth, putting up preserves, stocking pantries, attics and cellars) and I compare that to what we do now. Some still can and preserve, stock pantries and cellars with food they have grown and harvested.

I turn to making the home cozy with Christmas decorations, prepare for time indoors as we are not able to get out to play like we were able to all summer long. Reorganizing toys and books, rearranging furniture and bedrooms. Decluttering and minimizing what we have, but also adding the cozy items, like blankets on the couch and warm touches like throw rugs in front of the doors. Placemats and tablecloths come out too in the colder months. It seems the textiles just warm the place up.

For me, this time of year brings out the crafty side as well. Combining the warm textiles and craft makes this a very exciting time for me. I want to make table runners and coasters, placemats and candle wraps. Felted bowls filled with goodies. I'm not a big fan of cross stitching (doing it, I mean, though I do appreciate the craft!), and I'm not a very good seamstress, but I so enjoy the simplistic beauty of the crafts I found at the Pilgrims & Pioneers Primitives website. The stitching on the items is inspirational--and maybe a bit deceptive, as it makes me think that even I could do that!

These acorn napkin rings by Betz White are adorable and inspirational as well. Poinsettia napkin rings made of felt? Adorable. Santa ones? Reindeer? Mittens? The possibilities are endless, and I think I could pull these off.

Repurposing things is included in this spurt of craftiness. Using felted sweaters, I've started creating scarves, coasters, mittens, flower pins, bracelet cuffs, cowls/gaitors, mug cozies, my list went on and on. This site  and this site  were terrific inspiration, as well as searching for project pictures.

I like to think of crafting that I can do and involve the kids. I imagine sitting by the fire (we don't have a fireplace, but one can dream) sitting on the floor with my kids and cutting and creating and using these decorations in our home. The sense of pride and accomplishment they feel! I cherish the warm memories of sitting and creating with my mom and I hope this is a tradition I can carry on with my family.

This winter season I wish you find warmth, in your home, in your heart, in your crafty soul. 

by bethanyg

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