Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Read Along: Week 20- The Wolf Pack

When I was in first year college we had required course during reading week called intersessions, where we each chose from 5 destinations to do hands on volunteer work.
I went to a small first nations village in the extreme North of Alberta with 20 others where we shared two hunting cabins with no electricity, cell phone service or plumbing. We had a hunting guide and access to 2 rifles for protection and kept warm by pot bellied stoves.
It was the middle of February and all our ruckus pretty much scared away the local wildlife. But one night we heard a commotion outside our cabin. We figured it was the boys staying in the other cabin playing pranks on us, we had heard them howling from their cabin and then we heard them digging around and running around our cabin. The guide was staying in our cabin, and looking back, I think the idea that this was a prank was his suggestion, to keep all us women calm.
When we went out the next morning we saw wolf prints all around our cabin. The leader of the 3 wolves had a paw print as big as our guides hand. No one ever had the urge to use the outhouse through the night after that!! We also found out that the guys in the other cabin had figured out there were wolves out side and were “concerned” through out the night (my guess is “FrEaKiNg OuT!”)

This weeks activities:

Research your local wildlife. Even if you’re in the city wolves coyotes and foxes probably inhabit the country side of your County. bethanyg has found a great link for wolf watching
When you are camping, or even hiking or picnicking carnivore animals are the reason you must store your food and garbage properly. Read here about choosing and packing and storing food for eating in the wilderness.

  •  make a crafted wolf to go with your cabin and wagon and dolls. Here are some different versions
sewing (although it is technically a scotty dog, in wolf colors I think it would still make a nice wolf
sewing, advanced
knitted puppet
And speaking of wolves, I always think of Little Red Riding Hood! You could design a red cloak for your rag doll and with your new wolf project, tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood!
Here is a link to a really cool paper project as well for story telling
Little Red Riding Hood

  •  mmm…..tastes like chicken!
Laura and Mary enjoyed their supper of prairie hen drumsticks. What are your favorite poultry recipes…care to share? Email us the recipe and we will add it to a recipe section!

by HatsFineandFancy with research assistance from bethanyg

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