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Read Along: Week Five- Sundays

I'm going to shorten this one down a bit from what we originally posted on the Ravelry group, because there were so many projects and some of the activities will be wonderful to do in future books!

We’ll continue on in the spirit of Christmas in July. Read Chapter 5 -  (and take a sneek peek at chapter 6) discuss how Sundays may be different now than they were when Laura was a little girl. Are we still required to choose quiet activities on Sunday? Is work still prohibited?

  • For the very vigorous wood workers -  Here’s another project for the dads to help with (not that moms can’t do it, but a lot of dads really enjoy woodworking ) In Chapter 5, called “Sundays”, Laura describes what Sundays were like, not only when she was little, but Pa tells a story of when his father was little. Dads can help build a sled for the winter, whether you live in the Southern hemisphereand can use it now, or in the northern and must save it for the upcoming winter. Either way, kids enjoy sleds on snow.

OR    for a non tool wood project,  For Laura’s birthday, Pa whittled a little man out of a stick.
         Try to make a wooden person for your rag doll to play with. (If you aren’t up to whittling, look for the    old style clothespins and make a clothes pin doll.)

  •  Make a new dress/suit for your rag doll. Mary made one for Laura for her birthday. (Remember, "No sewing on Sundays!)

And for a little more "Christmas in July:"

  •  My Favorite project: Hand-sew an apron (or a pinny). I really like this tutorial about aprons and their uses. There are some wonderful patterns out there on the net. Practice your embroidery on the hems, pockets, and neckline, as well as the ties if you like.

  •  Traceys favorite project: a hussif. A hussif (the word is a derivative of “housewife”) is a sewing kit that either folds or rolls up, and it’s very portable, unlike the sewing basket. Ladies would gather up their hussif and WIPs when they would go visiting, and work and chat together. There are other much simpler ones out there, but I really like this version because it’s so pretty.

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